Agency manifesto


A few words about who we are and how we work. – independent digital media agency. We share our clients' business values and marketing principles. We performance-driven at core.

We do not make blatant promises of campaign performance because we know how the performance is built and the multitude of dependencies it has on internal and external factors.

We do guarantee measurability and transparency of our work, in-depth analytics and insights around various audience segments and channels, course of competitive action.

We integrate with clients' internal task forces and vendors thus maximizing the effectiveness and efficiencies of all marketing efforts short-term to long-term.

We consider content and creative optimization as mission-critical as precise audience targeting and ensuring top media quality and brand safety.

Our close partnership with highly-rated Ailove empowers strategies that deliver on hard KPIs while also driving emotional connection with your brand.

How do we centre ourselves on our client's goals and objectives?

  • Our performance marketing division is the largest unit of our agency (more than 50% of our FTE).
  • We scrutinize the brief and dive deep into the objectives and KPI, buyer mindsets and pathways, tracking an measurement, current ecosystem of channels and tools, content and tactics used.
  • Our team has great command of mission-critical analytical tools and platforms that we use to help you create holistic picture of your current stance.
  • We offer various models of cooperation including renumeration based on FTE and KPIs with complete transparency into all aspects of our services.
  • Our experts regularly pass training and certification exams with leading marketing technology vendors.
  • More often than not we create econometrics for your strategy to model future results and outcomes.
  • Once hired we start 360 competitive research for your brands so you can factor these SOV insights into your strategies.

Our clients